Heading West

When that call for adventure washes over me

And the stand still traffic makes it hard to breathe

My one responsibility is just to live a life thats free


Im headed west of the Tennessee


We’ll take off as the sun light rises in the east

Crossing rivers mountains and ever plane beneath

No idea just where we’ll go but all I needs the open road


Come follow me where ever the winds will blow


Highways slows after all this world we’ve seen

We settle down look around in a place I never thought that we would be

Catching stars under the sky

There’s no need to sleep tonight


We made it west of the Tennessee


When morning comes we’ll turn around and head from here

Back to our homes and streets we roam

To our lives we feel we cannot steer

But all thats crying not for me we made much more then memories

This adventure may be through but there’s no stopping me and you

So many places left to go but anywhere with you is home


Oh we’ll be back west of the Tennessee


Endless coffee shops, diverse people, and windows on buildings that reflect the sun ever so perfectly at golden hour. This is city life. There’s more and more to discover each day.


Then, there are traffic jams for no particular reason, gas prices that break the bank, over-priced parking meters and stars that stay hidden.

This is also city life.

With life being so fast-paced with school, work, other jobs, volunteering, seeing friends, and finally making time to breathe, life gets to be too much. My heart craves room. Room to think, cope, heal, and then to dive right back in.

A reset button. and for me, that’s road trip.

Back in the spring of 2017 my roommate, Alyssa, and I decided to pack up my little Jeep Patriot and head out west. My family travels a good bit, but taking the five of us anywhere longer than a 10-hour car ride was calling for a disaster. We planned our week and a half trip over brunch and pinned all the places we wanted to go. This might tell you how much of procrastinators we are - we planned our route and where we were going to stay literally as we drove to our first destination. Colorado!

That whole week was so refreshing...  I could finally hear myself think. From Colorado’s two feet of snow, New Mexico’s turquoise and terra-cotta aesthetic, Arizona’s cacti... it was magic. 

except Texas. I didn't like Texas.

This song is special because it was Michael and I’s first song that we worked on together. We wrote it sitting on my bed after a friend's wedding, and finished it up that same week. This was before I was in Hosea, before the dreams started fully forming. School was stressful, life kept hitting hard… I needed a break.

Heading West was that for me. It reminded me of the last time I felt myself, alive and free. My family calls my gypsy and that’s what I longed for. Open roads, gleaming stars, actual mountains, and good company. 



missing the midwest,