C'est La Vie

The sun was setting, the lights were low

Your smile lit up the world below

Your eyes gazed out the car window

Oh, beautiful girl, you’ll never know.


Our friends, they’d stare, as if they knew

The truth behind the me and you

Or the way I felt when you’re in view

A love exists, but no, it’s not for two.


C’est La vie,

Such is life lived wild and free

Rather Keep you close, than let you roam

Alone through stormy seas, oh

Mon Cherie

Wanted you to be my queen

Keep the faith, but as they say, oh, C’est La vie


Now i drive alone through lonely nights

The breeze blows by, with highway signs

I travel long, and try to find

The route to get you off my wondering mine


And I see you still from time to time

Try to play it cool, toe the line

A diamond so rare is hard to find

It hurts like hell, but no, I don’t mind


C’est La vie,

Such is life lived wild and free

Rather Keep you close, than let you roam

Alone through stormy seas, oh

Mon Cherie

Wanted you to be my queen

Keep the faith, but as they say, oh, C’est La vie


I’ll dream of you when I feel alone

And in those dreams I don’t let you go

We laugh, we kiss, and all along

You knew I was the match . . . to fit your soul


C’est La vie

It will never be me

But it’s all worth the fee

For the way you looked at me, oh,

Mon Cherie

Thank you for the memories

Never felt your lips, but oh well. C’est La Vie


All I wanted was a chance, but C’est La vie


I believe in the power of "plan B." I believe that our minds and our experiences often paint a picture of what might be ideal, and more times than not, that isn't the way that things shape out. What comes next is up to us- we either have the choice to let disappointment run our next act, or, we can make friends with the "plan B." 

(Quickly, for those of you thinking, "hehehehehe that sounds like Plan B, the emergency contraceptive pill," grow up. Re-join the metaphor.)

 I want these next 5 blogs to share the message or the idea and hope that the song is trying to speak- so for those of you asking the question, "who's it about?!?!?!" I'll tell you when you're older. Maybe. 

Now. Back to the Plan B pill.

I wrote C'est La Vie in the fall of 2016, and from the moment i finished it, i knew it would always be one of my favorites. For so many reasons- too many, in fact, to share all of them here- I believe in this song, and every word and thought that went into it. In this story, obviously the guy doesn't get the girl. And that hurts. It hurt for a while, (speaking for a friend, definitely was not me.) I'm certainly not here to tell you that let-downs don't exist. However, I am always here to support the insane, left-wing notion that things get better. It's always easier to look at your disappointment- the boy who broke your heart, that opportunity that slipped away, etc, - and feel a void. Feel something irreplaceable suddenly in need of replacement. But how crazy might it be if we, instead, chose to weigh our options out with what remains? What if we got to a place where, instead of looking at things out of reach from our grip, we instead asked, "What can i still hold onto?"

"Rather keep you close, than let you roam alone through stormy seas."

For me, that was friendship. It was platonic dinners and meaningful laughter. It was the continuation of something beautiful, rather than the implosion of something less than ideal. I literally had to make a list of PROS and CONS just to decide if it was all worth it. I remember asking myself, "If i can't get the girl, then what can i have? Not as a settlement, and not as some painful-reminder. But something that holds its own worth..."  And it was worth it. It still is. Go through your lonely drives. Replay where it all went wrong a million times. Let It Matter, right, Amanda? But then? THEN, find the "what's left." Find the hope. Find the next page. Find what's still there for you.

That's the heartbeat of this song. Shit happens. Or as the French say, "C'est La Vie." Someti... Often. Times. Life won't give us our ideal. And that's okay. Because, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't leave us with nothing. It leaves us with everything, depending on which direction you look at it from. 

Cheers to the death of the "my way or the highway" mentality

and a toast to braving the "what's left"